Cemetery Database

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Keep in mind that any database almost immediately becomes outdated. There may be some inscriptions which are not in this Database.

We suggest that a search for a particular grave begin with the overall database, paying attention to the number beside the entry of interest.

Next, check the sectional files below for listings row by row.

Be aware that the driveways of the Cemetery run 45 degrees from the cardinal compass points: Northwest to Southeast and Southwest to Northeast.

The Old Cemetery is the section adjacent to the Church.

The East Cemetery is the new section closest to the Church,
next to the parking lot along Strickhouser Road.


The cemetery information is organized in two ways:

  The Cemetery Database is a searchable comprehensive listing of most (but not all) inscriptions as they existed in March of 2012.
  By Sections:  (open in a new page)
       Old Cemetery (next to Church)
       East Cemetery (next to parking lot)
       South Cemetery (along Shaffer Road, borders field)
       North Cemetery (against Strickhouser Road)
       West Cemetery (bordered by fields on two sides)