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Prospective Members

Zion (Shaffer's) is governed by a Congregation Constitution which specifies that: "All applications for confirmed membership shall be submitted to and shall require the approval of the Congregation Council."

To begin that process, please contact the Pastor. He will determine whether your membership request can be handled by transfer from another Christian congregation; or, if you have no congregation, when the rite of Affirmation of Baptism could be scheduled. If you are presently a member of another congregation you will be asked to contact that congregation to request a letter of transfer. If you have not been previously Confirmed the rite of Affirmation of Baptism will include Confirmation.

Zion (Shaffer's) has several Associate Members. The Constitution defines: "Associate members are persons holding membership in other Christian congregations who wish to retain such membership but desire to participate in the life and mission of this congregation, or persons who wish to retain a relationship with this congregation while being members of other congregations. They have all the privileges and duties of membership except voting rights and eligibility for elected offices or membership on the Congregation Council of this congregation."

Our Associate Members have a diverse background, and include persons with primary membership in Baptist, United Church of Christ, and Roman Catholic congregations. Again, to begin the process of requesting Associate Membership please contact the Pastor.