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Cemetery Rules and Regulations

1. While individual taste in ornamentation and improvement of lots will be respected, the rules made by the Trustees must be enforced, to prohibit, remove, or modify improvement, structure or object on any lot which they consider injurious to the general good appearance of the ground and particularly to adjacent lots, as well after interments are made thereon as before.

2. No fencing, curbing and enclosures of any kind shall be placed around lots or graves.

3. All lots to be cleaned and kept in a respectable condition only by person or persons appointed by Trustees. No lot or lots shall be filled up more than level with other part of cemetery without consent of Trustees.

4. All grave corner markers shall be flush with the ground and either be at the foot or the head of the lots and none on the middle of lots and these shall be in line with each other.

5. Spring cleaning will be done beginning March 15 each year. All articles that the owners wish to have shall be removed by that date.

6. Children are not admitted unless accompanied by their parents, guardians or persons in charge of them, who in all cases will be held responsible for their good conduct.

7. No animals or pets of any kind or firearms of any kind shall be allowed on the ground for any purpose, except for those of sworn Law Enforcement Officers. Military Honors may be performed as required at burial by owners.

8. Shaffer's Church, a house of Christian Worship, may use the cemetery for outdoor processions such as Palm Sunday, Easter Vigil, Rogate and All SaintsŐ Sunday.

The rule concerning pets or animals should be suspended for Rogate Sunday.

9. All persons are prohibited from cutting, pulling, or defacing any tree, shrub, flower, or fixture within the cemetery, or from writing or marking upon any tombstone, monument, enclosure or other fixtures in or belonging to the same.

10. Any person willfully mutilating, defacing, injuring, or removing any tombstone, grave stone, or any other structure placed in the cemetery, or any fence, railing or other works for the protection or ornamentation of the same, or shall discharge any gun or fire arms within the same (except in case of burial with Military Honors), or shall willfully break, cut or destroy or remove any tree, shrub, or plant within the cemetery, will be prosecuted and made subject to the penalty of the laws of the Commonwealth.

11. There shall be no bicycles, mini bikes, snowmobiles or any vehicles of a similar nature operated on the grounds at any time.

12. There shall be no visitation or presence on the grounds except for legitimate visitation to the grave of a relative or friend.

13. In the event there is any additional cost incurred in preparing a gravesite or actual interment, said additional cost shall be paid by the party requesting the burial so causing the additional cost.

14. No burial or interment shall be permitted until the complete lot site and perpetuation costs are paid in full.

15. At the time of purchase of a burial lot, the purchaser shall designate in writing up to a maximum of four persons per lot, who is to have the benefit and use of burial on said lot, including designation of location. There shall be no deviation or change from this direction and designation without written approval by the purchaser and/or spouse.

16. So long as the Church continues to function as a house of Christian Worship, the cemeteryshould not be sold to another burial ground operation or service corporation, international or otherwise.

17. Lot owners may scatter or bury cremated remains at their discretion. A member of the Cemetery Trustees must be consulted prior to any disposition in order that the lot may be correctly identified in the case of scattering; and that a burial space within that lot may be marked in the case of burial. A maximum of three (3) cremation burials will be permitted within each four by ten (4 x 10) foot lot. No vault shall be required for burial.

For burial, Mason-Dixon may be hired for professional excavation or the lot owners or their heirs or assignees may dig the space themselves.